Almighty Love in NTSS, Promote Life Education

Almighty Love in NTSS, Promote Life Education

Graphic/Ten Chi-ki provided by Indigenous Peoples, Ethnic Minorities and Special Education Section

        National Tainan Special School (NTSS) is the first special school established for students with intellectual disabilities in Taiwan. It includes four schools — kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, senior high school, and vocational high school. Currently, there are 36 classes and 417 students. NTSS is an important base that provides services for students with physical and intellectual disabilities in Tainan City as well as the first school with professional teams to do cooperative teaching in class.

        The school serves students and families with principles of education without distinction and individualized quality education. After students entering into NTSS, tutors will take a home visit to know their situation which will provide a reference for teaching and class management. The teaching will be conducted in accordance with students’ needs and ability. The teaching content is made and implemented by the Individualized Education Plan Conference after discussing with parents. The school tries to learn every student’s ability and need, dig out their potential, provide adaptive service, and cultivate healthy personality.

        NTSS established ten professional categories — bakery, ceramic art, hairdressing, vehicle cleaning, acrylic processing, horticulture, cleaning, simulated plant training, and catering services. These courses are taught by professional teachers in combination with cross-class group teaching in each grade, which is helpful for students’ diversified learning. Upholding the principle that teaching a child to fish is better than feeding him a fish and guiding him where to get the fish is the most important, NTSS aims to provide students with vocational skill training and employment guidance to creates more job opportunities for students.

        NTSS built a rock climbing gym in 2011 which was the first one among all the special education schools in Taiwan. Rock climbing is a challenging extreme sport, having been listed as one of the competition events of the World Games. Rock climbing can improve muscles endurance and the coordination ability of limbs, help students cultivate positive life attitude when facing difficulties, improve frustration tolerance, strengthen concentration training, and build self-confidence and team work spirit. All of these abilities or life attitudes are necessary qualities for students with intellectual disabilities. There is a NTSS student whose lower limbs were unmovable. In the rock climbing course, he, on the cushion, strenuously moved forward with his arms. He managed to finish the task of touching six rocks with extremely strong perseverance. His learning spirit was admirable and also made other students to see their own life values and manifested infinite life possibilities. It was due to such training that 12 of 24 national athletes of Taiwan who took part in 2013 Korea Winter Special Olympics were from NTSS.

        Particularly, the school attached great importance to oral health. At present, the dentist team is composed of three members — Shih Chien-Chih, Huang Yu-Hsiung and Liu Yu-Chia. Doctor Huang expressed that students has psychological repel from seeing the dentist; it was important to build a good credit relationship with them and found out the teeth cleaning mode acceptable to them. With the help of dentists, the school has established oral health care record table for each student and a sound referral system; students’ dental caries had been reduced and their oral health and dental calculus had been significantly improved, which raised parents’ attention to children’s oral health and increased their trust in the school.

         Taking the principle “A Caring Heart, A Spirit of Perseverance; Almighty Love, Unremitting Perseverance” as the self-expectation of special education work, NTSS strives to make it possible that each student can receive the most adaptive education and demonstrate the highest value of life.

▲NTSS built the first rock climbing ground in the National Special Education School in 2011