The Disabled Can Overcome Obstacles: Love-Spreading Charity Performance Live A Wonderful Life!

The Disabled Can Overcome Obstacles:

Love-Spreading Charity Performance Live A Wonderful Life!

Graphic/Indigenous Peoples, Ethnic Minorities and Special Education Section, Li Junchang))

▲NTCSES of Special Education graduates Hsu Hye-yu (below) and Ye Jia-ming (upper row) to Peace Room Warrant

         Led by the director of counseling office, Chen Wei-Chi, Hsu Yu-Wei and Yeh Chia-Ming, who are graduates of National Taichung Special Education School (NTCSES), together with other disabled music players, served as volunteers of life education exchange activity in Taichung Veterans General Hospital (TCVGH) and Taichung Municipal Ren' ai Senior Citizens'   Home(TCMRASCH). They displayed the music which is their practicing achievements to hospice patients and the elder in the hospitals, which is a manifestation that the disabled can overcome obstacles and live a wonderful life.

        There was a charity performance in TCVGH on August 12th, 2014. Injected with intravenous drip, the hospice patients on wheel chairs came to the ward hall to enjoy the concert. When the music was played, more patients were attracted to listen to their beautiful music. Though Yu-Wei was slow in speech, his bright smile and interesting body language as well as the wonderful and professional ocarina and electric piano performances had warmed the patients’ hearts. It could be told from the fact that the patients’ faces changed from worried and stressful to smiling and happy, which indicated that they did feel the healing power of music. The other graduate, Chia-Ming, is a patient with malignant brain tumor which damaged his intelligence and eyesight. He played the ukulele while his mother sang to the rhyme and rhythm. Through music, they encouraged hospice patients with terminal cancer to love their life. When they were performing the song The Moon Represents my Heart, all the people at the scene sang together and many patients and their families were filled with tears. What a touching scene!

        On August 14th, they went to the Retirement Home of TCMRASCH to make performance. Both Yu-Wei and Chia-Ming played many lively old songs to the elder, inspiring them to recall those past events via the lasting appeal of these old songs. To the lively melody, many grandmas began to sing and dance. In addition, they joined the activity -- “One-Day Grandson” and pounded back for the elder, helping them by stretching muscles and relaxing nerve.

        Hsu Yu-Wei is a 2012 graduate of TCSPE. After graduation, he became a street performer, wandering around to accumulate experience and having got 12 street performer certificates. He is good at playing ocarina and electric piano and able to play more than one hundred songs. Suffering from nystagmus, he cannot read the music score. He had to listen to each rhyme and memorize all of them, which is a very difficult process for him. However, he persisted in practicing and managed to overcome the difficulties.

        He had ever performed in many famous tourist attractions, such as Xihu Service Area, Cing-sheui Service Area, Puli Paper Dome, Puli Carp Pond, Wuchi Tourist Fish Market, Xitou Monster Village, and Nantou Zhushan Zinan Temple, receiving a good reputation. The passing-by travelers were impressed by his professional and wonderful performance and gave him many likes. His musical performance enables many people to see infinite possibilities in the disabled. Wei-Yu had won the 2012 President Educational Award, the 17th Chou Ta-Kuan Fervent Global Love of Lives Medal, and the Golden Eagle Award of ROC Disability Model. He has ever been invited to Japan to participate in the Japan National Down Syndrome Conference and made performance in the conference.

        Yu-Wei and Chia-Ming, two graduates of TCSPE, are professional street artists. While receiving social assistance, they also know how to be grateful, give love in return and spread love. They know that they have the ability to help others. In their voluntary work at the hospice wards and charity performance at the retirement home, we can see that Yu-Wei and Chia-Ming are making the wonderful music of life and giving off a powerful energy!