2013 Results Sharing of Life Education Achievements Observation Tour in Taiwan Schools at All Levels

2013 Results Sharing of Life Education Achievements Observation Tour

in Taiwan Schools at All Levels


Name of School

Life Education Status/Activity Features

New Taipei Municipal Banqiao Junior High School (BQJH)

Promote the Concept of “Life Education” and Activity Features

Since 2000, under the guidance of several teachers, BQJH has established “Life Education Workshop”. We still have regular meetings up till now, which has become a perpetual system of our school and created a favorable campus atmosphere. The original objective was to find a learning path that benefits both other people and self for faculties, students and parents so as to cultivate ethical concepts of gratitude, personal quality, tolerance and friendly being-with. We hence have designed two major projects of courses — in combination with Mothers’ Day, Teachers’ Day, graduate thanksgiving activities, life education videos and learning sheet course, the Chinese classic literature education, merit observance and kindness appreciation are integrated into the class management.

In addition, under the influence of Dr. Jane Goodall, we established the “BQJH Star Roots and Shoots” in 2001 in the hope of bringing brightness, hope and warmth to other people. We especially planned the activity publicity of plastic bag recycling and reusing, established battery recycling station in communities, held international exchange with Tanzania, etc. Upholding the same spirit, we built “Heart Station” in 2003. Under the guidance of “Garbage to Gold, Gold to Love”, together with our teachers, students and parents in communities, we put forward four major principles -- treasuring your blessings, logistic sharing, environmental reservation, and love. We promoted serial concepts of treasuring blessings and things as well as activities of donating clothes, schoolbags and textbooks, evoking the responses of other schools in New Taipei City and launching the serial activities of adopting stray dogs. In 2005, the Teachers' Association established BQJH Charity Group, with the teachers being group members. They would monthly donate NTD$ 100 which is helpful in shaping the attitude of loving others and self in schools. For example, we give long-term subsidy to those students in poverty or suffering from severe accidents. In 2006, we actively participated in UNEP’s PLANT FOR THE PLANET: THE BILLION TREE CAMPAIGN. Within two days, we raised 110 trees from teachers, students and parents and donated them to National Taiwan University Experiment Forest.

Banqiao Junior High School :

Director Hsien-Ping, Luo

National Chung Cheng University (CCU)/

Counseling Center

We held series activities about life education:

1. Life Value - Realizing Dreams (Zijing Film Festival) (Love Your Life, Dream and Practice)

In combination with the most representative activity with highest participation -- Zijing Film Festival, Zijing team will select dozens of high quality films worldwide every year for the appreciation and introspection of teachers and students. These films are concerned about life value, race, gender, love, family, teachers and students, equality and justice, dream and practice and other topics about life education. All the incomes of the Festival will be donated to charity institutions, such as charity groups for the mentally-challenged elder, elder people with dementia, stray dogs, or guide dog association.

2. Love is Unlimited - Respect  He/She Series (Respect Gender Diversity) (Love Other People, Love the Earth)

Since December 2009, our school has held many campus speeches, LGBT being the speaker. We also built the gender association “Godzilla” and often cooperated with the Counseling Center to hold promotion activities about campus gender diversity and friendliness. Apart from all the students and tutors, the association also entered classes and liberal education courses to give students related education and guidance in terms of gender diversity and LGBT issues. It has a history of four years up till now.

3. Gratitude Series (Love Your Parents, Love Your Teachers)

For the sake of encouraging students to interact with and express their respect and gratitude to parents and teachers, we began to held activities, including Loving Parents Club, Parent-Children Essay Competition, Index of Loving Parents, and Gratitude Expression Activity on Mothers’ Day, as well as lectures and film appreciation since 2011. On Teachers’ Day, our school published students’messages on the public information board to convey their blessings to teachers. Last year, in the activity of “A Hundred Years to Rear People, A Thousand People Give likes”, our school encouraged students to give likes to their teachers in the public information board. This year, in the activity “I Love Teachers and Teachers Love me”, we called on students to leave messages on the internet, and volunteers of the Center then sent them to their teachers so as to enhance the relationship and friendship between teachers and students.

Counseling Center of CCU

Ying-Hui, Lin